The galley is enormous for a 9m boat!

The galley from the saloon



Note the gas alarm on the left, rainwater collection tap at the far end. Easy to fit a container under there to collect the water. This worked better than expected - if I was going round the Atlantic again, I'd tweak the plumbing so that the water could be sent directly to the tanks (there's a similar arrangement in the bathroom). It is quite a bit of work lugging the full containers up on deck to fill the tanks from there. Also under the oven is a large unused space - easily enough room for a sack of potatoes or a few cases of wine or whatever your poison is.

There is full standing headroom in both the galley and the bathroom.



The saloon

Room for six comfortably, eight at a push. Windows all round, so keeping watch from inside the saloon is comfortable and safe. The laptop working as a plotter and a cup of tea at the table, a good book, and a scan of the horizon every few minutes. I'd expected to return from a 6000 mile voyage fit as a fiddle, but a few sail changes now and again doesn't compensate for that level of lazy sailing.

Made up as a double bed. Halfway between the Portugal and the Canaries.


The toilet

The toilet now occupies the space that used to be for the black water tank, so there's loads of room to use the shower. The whole room is a wet room.


The huge mirror behind the sink gives the impression that the room is even bigger.


There is a bedroom aft of the saloon, one in each hull each with a generous double bed.

Storage under beds, above bed, behind daggerboard case and in hanging locker.